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Carbonze is your sustainability Partner in your Hotels & Restaurants 

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Carbonze is your ultimate sustainability partner for hotels and restaurants. ​With Carbonze, you can easily manage and reduce your carbon footprint, set and monitor reduction goals, and communicate your sustainability efforts to stakeholders. Our app is tailor-made for the hospitality industry, and it's user-friendly, easy to use and requires minimal training. Sign up for a demo and win free trial and see for yourself how easy it is to take control of your environmental impact with Carbonze.

Track and manage your carbon footprint. With Carbonze, you can easily measure and track your Hotel's carbon footprint. 

Achieve transparency, accuracy and authenticity in your carbon offsetting. 

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Set reduction goals and monitor progress in real-time

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Create detailed reports and analytics to make informed decisions about your sustainability efforts. 

Communicate your sustainability efforts to stakeholders

Reports & Analytics 

User-friendly and easy to use, with minimal training required

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Ready to Make Your Sustainability Efforts More Effective?

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