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Quotes on Climate action #5

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

REVENGA Smart Solutions: Arturo Revenga, CEO, REVENGA Smart Solutions, said: “Revenga Smart Solutions contributes with its actions to the fulfilment of two of the binding Goals for the EU in 2030: achievement of at least 27% renewable energy production and at least 27% improvement in energy efficiency.

Wind turbines next to a sea
Quotes about climate action

ROCKWOOL Group: Jens Birgersson, CEO & President, ROCKWOOL Group said: “Climate action started as a trickle that has now become a flood of momentum. We are very encouraged to see the European Commission calling for tougher action on climate change and prioritising a green recovery. Now it’s time to focus on buildings - Europe’s biggest source of emissions - and double renovation rates by the end of the decade. It’s as much about creating jobs and better living conditions as it is about reducing these emissions.”

Royal DSM: Dimitri de Vreeze, co-Chief Executive Officer Royal DSM, said: “A high EU climate ambition on 2030 is not only essential for providing businesses the clarity and confidence to accelerate the needed transitions within the next critical 10 years, but also to demonstrate leadership for the global UNFCCC process. EU leaders now also have the opportunity to explicitly link the recovery instruments to an increase of the 2030 greenhouse gas emissions reduction target.”

RWE Renewables: Anja-Isabel Dotzenrath, CEO, RWE Renewables said: “The increase of the 2030 emission reduction target will accelerate the transformation to become a climate neutral EU. With the right policy framework in place, climate protection and economic prosperity will go hand in hand. The ambitious 2030 target also offers exciting opportunities for RWE as the demand for renewables will continue to grow. We are ready to contribute with our renewable energy for a sustainable life.”

Salesforce: Gavin Patterson, President & Chief Revenue Officer, Salesforce, said: The climate emergency is both the challenge and the opportunity of a lifetime. It requires us all to aim high and build a better society, together. We must act. At this moment, we call upon EU leadership to lead the way forward with ambitious and clear goals. Doing so, will not only address the climate crisis, but enable economic resilience and create a more equal society.”

Schneider Electric: Jean-Pascal Tricoire, CEO, Schneider Electric, said: “To build collective prosperity we need to prioritise innovation and cut carbon emissions. Digitalisation will play a key role in this.”

Schwartmanns Maschinenbau GmbH: Thomas, Pitsch, Board Member, Schwartmanns Maschinenbau GmbH said: “We support the CO2 emissions target for 2030 with our innovative machines and services, supporting the insulation industry worldwide.”

Signify: Eric Rondolat, CEO, Signify, said: “We can’t afford not to take bold climate action – it’s needed and it’s needed now. If the current crisis is like a bad dream, the nightmare of a climate crisis will prove far worse for humanity. Consider this. If we achieve an increase in 3% energy efficiency a year, driven by a similar 3% in renovation rates, and 3% increase in the use of renewables per year, then a carbon neutral world by 2050 is in reach. Crucially this requires an interim target of at least 55% GHG reduction in 2030, which also equally distributes the workload between the current and the future generation who have to make this a reality”.

Soprema Group: Pierre-Etienne Bindschedler, CEO, Soprema Group, said: “The Soprema Group fully supports this new ambition aiming at reducing by 55% the gas emissions by 2030.”

Sorgenia: Gianfilippo Mancini, Sorgenia, CEO: “The threat of climate change is real. We need urgent and concrete actions to lower the burden of human activities on the environment. As Sorgenia, we support a more ambitious EU 2030 target: only a sustainable business model can ensure social prosperity and speed up the energy transition. We are strongly committed to these goals.”

South Pole: Renat Heuberger, CEO, South Pole, said: “Climate change rages on, while we battle Covid-19. Hurricanes, wildfires, droughts, ice caps melting - all on record levels. The time for action is now. Through South Pole's Climate Journey, we help companies, [governments] and organisations turn this challenge upside down and seize the competitive opportunity that sustainability offers. But this can only succeed if the drivers are ambitious enough. That is why South Pole strongly endorses an increased EU GHG emissions reduction target for 2030 to at least 55%.”

SSE: Alistair Phillips-Davies, Chief Executive, SSE, said: “To secure a green recovery and put the EU on the path to net zero, an ambitious European Green Deal is needed. To put the right signals in place to drive investment in low carbon infrastructure, the EU should increase its 2030 climate target from 40% to at least a 55% reduction on 1990 levels in the run up to COP26.”

Statkraft AS: Christian Rynning-Tønnesen, CEO, Statkraft AS, said: “Statkraft fully supports Europe’s commitment to climate neutrality by 2050. We have already advocated for increasing the greenhouse gas reduction target for 2030 to at least 55% to align with a cost-effective trajectory to 2050. In our view, a strong ETS with an effective carbon price and a level playing field among energy carriers are essential going forward. We are convinced that renewable electricity and clean hydrogen are important to reduce emissions in all sectors and will contribute with our commercial activities in that respect. We also appreciate the holistic approach of the European Green Deal with the announced reforms of existing legislation and new initiatives – all under the umbrella of a just transition.”

Storebrand, Odd Arild Grefstad, CEO, Storebrand: "We strongly support polices that enable substantial investments in carbon neutral solutions in the years to come. Storebrand is one of 12 founding members of Net Zero Asset Owner Alliance, where we committ to transitioning our investment portfolios to net-zero GHG emissions by 2050. This is consistent with a maximum temperature rise of 1.5°C, and we believe this is the right investment strategy for us as an asset owner and for our customers.

SUEZ: Bertrand Camus, CEO, SUEZ said: “Facing the climate emergency requires, at the beginning of this new decade, both to raise the level of ambition of climate policies and commitments, and to strongly scale-up the implementation of low-carbon solutions. More than ever, the recovery of our economy must incorporate these elements to make our societies more sustainable and more resilient. I’m fully confident we can achieve these goals as I believe that the convergence of actions of public authorities and economic stakeholders targeting the low-carbon economy has never been as strong as now.”

Suma Capital: Enrique Tombas, Founding Partner, Suma Capital said: “Climate change is a top priority at Suma Capital. It was one of the pioneers in Europe in the creation of an Impact Fund to support the energy transition and circular economy. Suma Capital has a project to reduce its emissions by 30% by 2025 and to become carbon neutral.

SuperNode: John Fitzgerald, CEO, SuperNode said: “We have the evidence of the damage that we inflict upon the Earth, and we have the capability to respond and reduce such damage. The real question is: do we have the compassion, leadership, selflessness, and wisdom to address climate change without further delay?”

Sustainable Value Investors: Daniela Carosio, Senior Partner, Sustainable Value Investors said: “We need to speed up the transition to a carbon-free economy. As SVI, we support Europe to increase the reduction target for 2030 and to be on the front line of this relevant worldwide endeavour.”

Teimas Desenvolvemento: Miguel Varela, CEO, Teimas Desenvolvemento, said: “As human beings, the biggest threats we face are directly related to global warming. Reducing our greenhouse gas emissions makes us more resilient to the climate crisis and directly affects our survival as a species.”

Telefónica S.A.: José María Álvarez-Pallete López, Chairman & CEO, Telefónica S.A., said: “At Telefónica, we are aware of the urgency to reduce carbon emissions, which is why we are committed to become net-zero by 2030 in our main markets. Moreover, digitalization is essential to decarbonize the economy: our Eco-Smart solutions enable our clients to reduce their emissions. Let's create a better future together.”

Tendam: Jaume Miquel, Chairman & CEO, Tendam, said: “We are firmly convinced that the collaboration between companies and civil society, and with the impulse of the EU, through all the mechanisms that are in its power to encourage the path towards a green economy, we should achieve the emission reduction targets for 2030 and the ambition of carbon neutrality.”

TERNA ENERGY: Emmanuel Maragoudakis, CEO, TERNA ENERGY, said: "Achieving 55% greenhouse gas emissions reductions will require actions in all sectors. A climate-neutral transition can only be accomplished with contributions from everyone. In particular, renewables will need to be deployed at larger scale, in order to contribute to the higher climate ambition and, also, to promote the EU industrial leadership on RES technologies. An increased RES target will provide the necessary predictability and investment certainty for further renewable energy deployment across all sectors".

Tetra Pak: Adolfo Orive, CEO & President, Tetra Pak, said: “Tetra Pak has set its own target by committing to reach net zero GHG emissions in its own operations by 2030, with the ambition to achieve net zero GHG emissions for the entire value chain by 2050. Securing a climate-neutral and prosperous economy by 2050 requires the right decisions now.”

Too Good To Go: Mette Lykke, CEO, Too Good To Go, said: “While food waste is responsible for 8% of all greenhouse gas emissions, reducing it is the most immediate, impactful and actionable solution against climate change. Only when European leaders integrate ambitious food waste reduction targets into Nationally Determined Contributions will we achieve our 2030 GHG reduction target on time.”

Trane Technologies: Jose La Loggia, President Commercial HVAC EMEA, Trane Technologies, said: “Increasing the EU GHG emissions reduction goal would drive action to enable Trane Technologies’ global commitment to reduce customer emissions by a gigaton (billion metric tonnes) by 2030.”

“Vattenfall: Anna Borg, CEO, Vattenfall said: “Vattenfall is fully committed to make fossil-free living possible within one generation. With our ambition to phase out fossil fuels from all our operations and significantly increase our renewable capacity by 2030, we aim to reduce our emissions in line with the Paris Agreement target to keep temperature rise well-below 2°C and we want to take action now and look into options to be in line with the 1,5 °C target. The next ten years will be decisive in the strive to make EU climate-neutral by 2050 and that is why we firmly stand behind an ambitious 2030 EU climate target, with a view to achieve at least -55 % GHG emission reductions.”

Velux Group: David Briggs, CEO, Velux Group said: "The VELUX Group supports a more ambitious EU CO2 reduction target for 2030. As a company, VELUX is committed to become Lifetime Carbon Neutral by 2041, by capturing 100 years of CO2 emissions and reducing our future carbon footprint."

VERBUND AG: Wolfgang Anzengruber, CEO, VERBUND AG, said: “Increasing the 2030 climate ambition is not only a goal for environmental idealists. In order to preserve Europe’s prosperity in the future, it is also very much a goal for economic realists.”

Vestas Wind Systems A/S: Morten Dyrholm, Group Senior Vice-President, Global Marketing, Communication and Public Affairs, Vestas Wind Systems A/S, said: “More ambitious EU GHG emission reduction targets can be a signpost triggering increased global action to mitigate #climatechange while helping the EU to #BuildBackBetter - #renewableenergy is cleaner, safer, uses less water, creates more jobs and is more cost-efficient than fossil fuels.”

VF Corporation: Steve Rendle, Chairman, President and CEO, VF Corporation, said: “Even in the midst of a pandemic, climate change remains the greatest challenge facing humanity today,” said Steve Rendle, Chairman, President and CEO of VF Corporation. “Effective climate action will require thoughtful, yet aggressive decisions designed to create and protect healthy communities and secure a roadmap for a prosperous economy. As VF continues to lead with our actions, we fully support the call for comprehensive policies that bring alignment to our combined efforts and drive global solutions to rebuild our economy in a way that supports both people and the planet.”

WELYA: Olivier Pons Y Moll, CEO, WELYA said: “As a company leader fully aware of climate stakes and dramatic effects if decarbonisation of our economy would lead too, I fully support the increased target for GHG emission reduction as early as 2030.”

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