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Offset your Carbon Emissions 

You can offset your carbon emission to become carbon neutral business. 

We help you to offset and report your carbon emission with Certified carbon offset projects. 

Image by Andrew Coelho
United Nations

Certified Partners 

Our offset partners are Gold Standard, Verra and UN. 

You can select most prominent project offers across the world. 


Customized portfolio 

Tailor made portfolio selection 

Determine your offsetting blend percentage 

Select from photovoltaic, afforestation, wind power, drinking water, rainforest and various renewable energy projects 

Image by Geran de Klerk
Wind Mills
Image by American Public Power Association
Image by Mandy Choi
Image by Jeff Ackley
Wind Turbines

Why offset your carbon footprint?  

Fair pricing for projects across the world 

Carbon ZEro organization 

Prompt impact 

Reduction of greenhouse gases 

Component of your sustainability strategy 

Scout other CarbonZE features   


Calculate your carbon emission Scope 1, scope 2, scope 3 

ESG Wizard  

Report your ESG securely 


From API integrations to powerful analytics - CarbonZE has it all.

You can delegate your regulation tasks to various locations, and departments. 

Follow your carbon mitigation projects 

Select offsetting projects 

View locations 

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