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Calculate your Carbon Emissions 

We automate your carbon emission. 

We help you to measure and collect and precisely report your direct and indirect greenhouse gas data across scope 1, scope 2 and scope 3. 

Office Work

Calculate your carbon emission 

Scope 1, scope 2, scope 3 emissions 

Calculate your direct emissions such as energy and mobile combustion. 

Moreover, calculate your indirect emission e.g. purchased goods, and services, business travel, upstream and downstream transportation, employee commuting etc.

Increase your supply chain visibility with carbon emissions 

Calculate your products carbon emissions 

Identify carbon preeminent factors and categories 

Lead your suppliers to provide supply chain carbon emission data

Warehouse Shelves
Image by frank mckenna

Measure your logistics carbon emission 

Your logistics carbon data includes both upstream and downstream supply chain 

Road transport 


Sea freight forwarding 

Rail transshipment 

Scout other CarbonZE features   


Calculate your carbon emission Scope 1, scope 2, scope 3 

ESG Manager 

Report your ESG securely 


From API integrations to powerful analytics - CarbonZE has it all.

You can delegate your regulation tasks to various locations, and departments. 

Follow your carbon mitigation projects 

Select offsetting projects 

View locations 

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